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Agpoint Australia

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After more than 140 years in the agricultural manufacturing industry, Agpoint Australia is renowned for the quality and reliability of its tillage and harvest products.

Agpoint exports tools and accessories to markets in South Africa, New Zealand and Thailand, as well as all of Australia’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and to farmers through our 1,300 local dealers.

Agpoint manufactures and supplies superior quality agricultural ground engaging tools and accessories.

Our tillage and harvest product range includes:

Contact Agpoint Australia for the supply of tillage Points and sweeps, knife and seeding points, discs and coulters and cast tyne assemblies for your tillage and harvest tooling needs.

Contact Agpoint

Phone: 08 8525 3500   (Australia) +61 8 8525 3500   (International)

Email: sales@agpoint.com.au

Fax Sales: 08 8525 2422   (Australia) +61 8 8525 2422   (International)

Fax Accounts: 08 8525 2364   (Australia) +61 8 8525 2364   (International)

Australian Sales Enquiries Tillage

Free Call: 1800 088 538   (Australia only)

Free Fax: 1800 802 394   (Australia only)

Email: sales@agpoint.com.au

Factory: Borrow Street, Freeling, South Australia 5372